Writer & Translator
Julia is the author of Weinsensorik, English editor of the annual Ultimate Austrian Wine Guide, and co-author and English editor of Grüner Veltliner. She has been writer, co-writer, translator and/or editor for several books and wine guides in the German and English languages. She also writes for numerous magazines, on-line publications and newsletters.
Speaker & Educator
Julia teaches at the Austrian Wine Academy in Rust and Geisenheim, the Alto Adige Wine Academy, the German Wine and Sommelier School in Koblenz, and WIFI in Tirol. She also offers bespoke seminars, lectures and wine tastings for wine enthusiasts and professionals. Her expertise and communication skills make her a frequent speaker at conferences, workshops, and symposiums.
News from Julia
Welcome to Uncorked in the Alps! I adore working in the world of food and wine and I am lucky to live in the heart of the Austrian Alps. On this site you will find various articles where I rant and rave about wine, food and travel as well as a bit of photography and wine tasting notes from a database to which I contribute. I'd love to hear what you like and what you don't. Cheers!