I adore Grüner Veltliner. As much as I travel in the wine regions of the world and appreciate the diversity of wine, I am always eager to pour myself a glass of GV upon returning home to Austria. Grüner Veltliner and Austrian wine is an inspiring story of success – from underdog to darling of the wine world. The Grüner Veltliner book has appeared in its second addition – both in German and in English. I was co-author of all four books and editor of the two English editions.
You can find the book here.

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  • Funny, I just read this article and low and behold, the book sitting next to me is the same. Agreed, excellent, informative book. Thanks Julie!

    • Thanks Constance!
      I like the book, too! Peter Moser gives some great behind the scenes information about each of the wineries as well as some tasting notes. The intro also has useful information about the regions, varieties, vintages and trends. Unfortunately, we have had a series of three small vintages. Some of the wineries will simply not have anything to export in 2010 and may choose not to send in wines to be tasted for the guide…
      The current guide is currently in progress and it will be particularly exciting for those interested in Austrian red wines. The harvest was a bit smaller than average, but I think that the 2009 vintage was the best red wine vintage Austria has had in the last two decades!