I am a memeber of a women’s network here in Tyrol called Minerva. We are staging an event on April 4th, 2009 at the Gesundheitszentrum in Woergl. Women from our group will be sharing presentations and information about medicine and health, law, art, music and wine. I’ll be giving a presentation about the vintner’s association “11 women and their wine” and offering their wines to taste. The event is free and the goal is to communicate women’s competence in the community. Some of the topics being handled are important and pretty heavy, but there are enough fun things that will hopefully help to attract a broad public. The network is new and we have yet to decide on a charitable cause, but we are tending towards Evita in Kufstein which is an institution that offers shelter to abused women and children as well as offering women free legal and social advice and assistance.
A fundraising ball is also planned in the near future and any wines left over from the “11 women and their wine” will be auctioned at the ball and the proceeds then given to whatever charitable cause that we will have agreed on by then.

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